Scuba Diving for the First Time: Discovering Caribbean Waters

Matthias Goetzke

Hey, guys!

This week, Chris and I decided to go out into the middle of the Atlantic ocean and dive 25 feet down to the ocean floor with oxygen tanks strapped to our backs.  It was incredible seeing the multicolored fish, coral reefs, and other creatures the Caribbean holds in its water.

Here in Bocas del Toro, there are many awesome scuba diving shops, we decided to go with our friend Glen’s.  After filling out the forms and watching a PADI video on safety, we got on our wetsuits and sailed off.

After practicing our hand signals and going over the safety information again, we back rolled off the boat and into the water to start our dive.

We saw about 15 jellyfish during our hour-long dive, one even touched my friend’s flipper. The jellyfish aren’t hostile or aggressive at all.  If you follow what your instructor shows you to do, there is nothing to worry about.

An important thing to remember while diving is to not touch the aquatic life including the reefs.

We saw crabs, a lobster, jellyfish, starfish, angelfish and a bunch of other kinds of fish.

I was nervous when we first got into the water, but after a few minutes you calm down and enjoy the scenery.

10/10 recommend.






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