About Us

Welcome to New Eyes and Extra Colors, our very own travel + lifestyle blog. We’re so happy you stopped by.

Here’s a little bit about me, Tyler:

I’m 19 years old, currently traveling through Central America and the Caribbean.  Most of the year, I live and study in Kansas City, Missouri. I love my huge blonde husky, named Tolstoy, and my favorite person in the world, my boyfriend, Chris.


I am a junior, double-majoring in French and Communications and minoring in Spanish.  You’ll most likely find me studying French verb conjugations, exploring new coffee shops, thrift-shopping, vegging on the couch watching Gilmore Girls with Tolstoy or traveling to another country.


And here’s a bit about me, Chris:

I’m 19, a Kansas City native, and a photographer. I also play soccer at the college I am attending.  My girlfriend and I are currently in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  We have a small 80-pound Husky, named Tolstoy.


I can live off ramen noodles alone.  House of cards is my favorite show ever.  I am just biding time waiting for season 6.  My favorite character is probably Claire.  I digress.  Now you know why Tyler writes all the blogs.  This is me.


Again, thanks for stopping by.  We hope you enjoy checking out our blogs about stuff!

Chris and Tyler